I am a Yes woman.  When an opportunity comes up I’ll take it, even if it’s something I’ve never done before.  This makes for a really interesting resume.

The only requirement is that opportunity helps people lead better lives.  I’ve help connect Muslims and health conscious Americans find halal, high quality meat at  our family business American Halal Meat.  I help millennial women achieve their dreams with ella letter.  At Caesar Pack Holding I’ve helped over 400 factory employees improve their performance through training and human resource consulting.

Being a yes woman means I’ve picked up a lot of skills. Yet, I’ve become more than a jack of all trades.  I am now the master of human communication.  I love working with people and motivating them to do their best.  I have gained amazing experience working with people in the process.

Drop me a line if you want to collaborate, start a project, explore an opportunity, or just have some coffee.

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